I love it when you place your lips on my hand.

"As long as you stay true to yourself and you follow how you feel…"

I don’t really know where to go but I packed up and left with my camera. I was getting too worn out to run for a third time, I thought maybe I just needed a long walk. I hope it helps.

Sometimes you gotta accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.
― Unknown  (via felicite)

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I still catch myself feeling blue about things that don’t matter anymore.
― Kurt Vonnegut  (via sunst0ne)

Honestly, I think I’ve only been working out 10x more this week just to keep a clear head and stay sane, and also to keep myself from overthinking everything…
(but I also want to be summer ready too.)

sext: it is a humid night in july. we undress each other in the back of your car and form one mound of sweaty flesh. sext: fireflies fall on your skin. i kiss the trail they leave to find your light. sext: we share a bath and come out dripping each other. sext: the atomic bomb is not as loud as my heartbeat when you lie next to me. sext: come over, i want to taste moonlight when it’s licked off your skin. sext: we undo each other and come back together in one hot flash of light. sext: you burn over everyone else’s touch. sext: they dust me for fingertips and find nothing but your claw marks. sext: the sound of your teeth digging into my bare skin and my moans are the most beautiful duet. sext: you are 48% water. i would be happy to drown in you. sext: you are the poem i will spend my whole life trying to write.
― "sext: you" - Lora Mathis (via masturbationdestination)

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i wrote about someone in my drafts.

i want to show you one day and i hope you feel something.

I want us to be simple again.
I want us to be simple again.